All Lodge Officers Must Be Trained 60
Days from taking office or
You Will Be
By Moose International.

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W.O.T.M. Leadership Training
Sunday, November 8, 2020 10:00am
Albert Lea
Contact Joy Bliss if attending

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Andy Kuklok
All LOOM training, as outlined in Moose International policy from the General Governors Office,
must be completed within a 60 day window of taking office. Administrators have six months in
which to complete the training. However, it is most advantageous when the Administrator has
received training before taking on the responsibilities of the position.

Policy mandated by the LOOM Supreme Council indicates that ALL training for LOOM is valid for
three (3) years. Anyone who intends to hold office after training dates have expired must take the
appropriate training again. Specifically, should the officers training expire while holding office, he
may finish out the term without retraining. However, training must be taken again if he plans to hold
office during the next fiscal year. For example, Jefferson Lodge 9999s Governor last completed
LL&HC training on 6/10/2014. His training technically expires on 6/10/2018, yet based on the
above policy, he may finish out the 2018/2019 year without taking the training again. He must,
however, attend class again if he intends to hold office for the 2019/2020 year. Training for that
term, ideally, should be completed prior to taking office; but as noted in paragraph 1, he will have
60 days after taking office to complete the required training.

Online versions of all three LOOM classes are available on MIs website. These classes are a great
alternative when a member cannot attend class in person. While it is highly recommended that
members attend instructor-led training, it is acceptable to complete the online training even when it is
the members first experience with the class. TiPS training is available in both instructor-led and
online versions.