Minnesota Home on Mooseheart Campus


In 1906, Founder James J. Davis began recruiting members into the Moose Organization with the express purpose of creating a place for children. This was not an orphanage at all, but a home and education opportunity for dependent widows of members to take their children. As time and society changed, Mooseheart amended their enrollment guidelines to include children whose families were in disarray due to divorce, substance abuse, severe economic reversal, or other reasons

In 1939, separate residences had been built in Mooseheart for the rising population of children. Minnesota was one of the states that agreed to sponsor a residence, which became the Minnesota Home formally known as Purity Hall.

Children live with Family Teachers, often husband and wife in individual buildings designed to emulate single-family homes. The Minnesota Residence was renovated in the late 70's from top to bottom. The home has a capacity of 11 children, plus the Family Teacher and their family. Minnesota Moose members provide assistance through donations and volunteerism. This generous and timely assistance makes it possible to recondition many of these student residences when new equipment and furnishings are needed, and thus keep them at high standard.

This is only one of the many reasons we need to retain our members but also strive to increase membership so these children have a chance they so richly deserve.

For info on how to donate contact: Moose Charities Chair Joy Bliss

(see the "Association Committee Chairs" web-page)