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The objectives of the Association are to bring together in closer fraternal cooperation
the Lodges of the Loyal Order of Moose and the membership of such Lodges in the
state of Minnesota; to aid and promote the purposes of the Loyal Order of Moose; to
build the membership strength of the Order; to exchange ideas and ideals which may
be of benefit to the various lodges and their members; to promote interest in the
work of the Ritual Staffs and similar units; to stimulate participation in Community
Service programs; to adopt programs and projects for the betterment of Mooseheart
and Moosehaven to include the building of the Endowment Fund for the support of
these institutions; to foster closer relationships between Lodges in Minnesota and
Lodges in neighboring states/providences; and to coordinate the programs and
directives of Moose International, Inc. and the Supreme Lodge.                  
"No Man Stands So Straight And Tall . . .
    As When He Stoops To Lift Up A Child."
                                                  James J. Davis
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